Arcadia Takes Best Feature Award at Cosmic Film Festival

Arcadia has won the Best Feature—Drama award at the 2017 Cosmic Film Festival in Orlando, FL. The film was screened at Universal Studios’ AMC Theater.  Director Andy Hall attended the fest to network, learn from filmmaking workshops and was able to accept the award in person at the wrap party/masquerade ball event. More on...

Arcadia Takes Best Music at TOP Indie Music Awards, Nominations

Arcadia wins Best Music at the TOP Indie Film Awards, a bi-monthly, non-screened festival. Arcadia was also nominated for Best Feature, Best Original Idea and Best Cinematography. See all the winners and nominees here: Congrats to the composers: Original Music by Luis Javier Obregon, additional music by Bill Stankay and additional mnusic by...

Arcadia Reviewed by Scarlett Monet Magazine

“Arcadia” is a refreshing venture into what good first time full length feature filmmaking can be. Learning the process of making this film made the actual film all the more enjoyable. Writer and director Andy J Hall comprised the film of mostly theatre and non film actors who have a passion for the arts...

Arcadia Screens at Marshall University Film Studies

Marshall University Film Studies invited director Andy Hall to screen Arcadia in September in Huntington, WV. The film was followed by a Q&A.  Film Studies Director Dr. Walter Squire hosted the event. The Marshall University Film Studies Program provides students opportunities to discover how a variety of film-based texts are created, communicate, and interact...

Arcadian Actors Nominated for EMFF Awards

We are very proud of our three actors who have been nominated in the Endless Mountain Film Festival in PA. Nominations include Yang Miller for Best Lead Actor, Male for the role of Jared; Actress Christy Love Lass for Best Supporting Actress in the role of Fiona; and for Andy Felt for Best Supporting...

Arcadia to Enter into Film Festivals

The process has begun and Arcadia has paid entry fees for several festivals this week (2 dozen and climbing!) The fests are researched and entered through the great websites FilmFreeway and Withoutabox. Now the wait begins! Will any of these festivals give us the thumbs up? Tune in and find out!

About the Film

Jared, a journalist in despair of meaning, comes across an old map to a place that doesn’t exist. His coworkers, however, insist there is a story worth writing. Having nothing to lose, Jared enters a rabbit hole into a surreal world of shady characters, lost customs, and soulful performers. The people of Arcadia, with dubious motives and tricks up their sleeves, keep Jared on edge, forcing him to confront the meaning of being a human in the tunnels of Arcadia. A micro-budget film starring Yang Miller as Jared, Arcadia pulls together unique performers, musicians, and visual artists to bring to life a lost way of living in this art-house film riddled with poetry, philosophy, and mysterious figures. Challenged by limited resources, a volunteer cast and crew trekked through hidden locations across Marietta, Ohio, learning and experimenting along the way. The aim was not to look micro budget! Over the course of a year the film took on a life of its own and bloomed into an existential narrative under the direction of Andy Hall. The essence of humanity has been left to thrive in the shadows of Arcadia. The darkness demands each and every person to go within and ask, “Who am I?”


"This film is the product of a group of newcomers to the art and business of filmmaking. They learned how to raise funds through crowdfunding, they learned new techniques as they shot the film. The film started as a figment of Andy’s imagination sparked by the news that the Colony Theatre was being renovated. Andy realized that the decrepit and spooky old building presented a spectacular location for a movie... and he had to hurry, because the construction crew was on the way. You will be guided on this tour of Andy’s Stygian Fantasia by Marietta’s artists and performers and the tour will include vivid unearthly imagery, a compelling adventure in Marietta’s secret spaces, and a tour of the deepest recesses of the labyrinthine mind of Andy Hall. — Zane Lazer, Executive Producer

Arcadia is a micro-budget film written, shot & directed by Andy J Hall.




An accomplished filmmaker with a B.S. in Visual Art from CUNY, Yang has won awards at the New York Television Festival (NYTVF) for the series “Video Shmideo,” and at the Colony Film Festival for his documentary “A Midwestern Morning.” Yang continues to act in films and teach improv comedy in South Eastern Ohio while working as the Technical Director and Audience Experience Coordinator at The Athena Cinema in Athens.



Andy hails from sunny southern California where he received his BA in Acting from CSU San Bernardino, was the founding Artistic Director of Shakespeare in the Garden, and served as the Resident Managing Director of The Imagination Company (00/01). Andy received his MFA in Directing from Ohio University in 2009. Andy is an Associate Professor and the current Artistic Director of the Theatre at Marietta College.



Raised in the Mid Ohio Valley, Christy was a member of Boxcar Burlesque from 2011 until 2015. She performed as Cici Victoria in Athens, Columbus and Marietta Ohio. In 2014 she graduated with a BA in histry, focusing on museum studies. Christy currently resides in Charleston, SC where she takes long walks on the beach with her dog Duke.


for more information on cast and crew

In addition to a large cast, Arcadia features performances by the Huntington, WV based band Qiet, Professor Bubblemaker, The Burning Dawn, an acro-yoga team and more. Download the press kit (PDF) for cast, crew and sponsor information.


An awesome film. So many great takeaways from watching it....which I can’t share here or it would be a spoiler. I will say that if I wasn’t on the edge of my seat, I was sitting back, relaxed with a HUGE smile on my face.

Congrats to all who worked on Arcadia! Andy Hall, it was truly a work of brilliance that put things I was feeling into words I could never find. Congratulations.

Loved it! Such a great story. You gave us just enough of everything!

That was simply amazing. Everyone, everything was fantastic!

The cinematography was GREAT. The lighting of the sets and actors are like moving paintings. A work of art.

Box office total for the day was around 340, and Arcadia had every single one of them in the palm of its hand. What a wonderful, breathtaking time. Congratulations, Andy.


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